Sunday, 22 January 2012

All that Glitters isn't Gold

Sex offender, Glitter. 
Gary Glitter seemingly joining Twitter this week created a stir of disgust among social network users.The profile promptly became a top trending subject in the UK and the imposter Glitter had over 18,000 followers by Friday,when the real author of the account came clean. However, the twitter account, @officialglitter, posted a link to a blog revealing that it had been set up as a social experiment, to "highlight the dangers of social network platforms." Footballer Joey Barton was one of those apparently deceived. He tweeted: "Gary Glitter on twitter? Is that true? Surely that's like giving an arsonist a box of matches and a can full of petrol? #WeirdoAlert" Whilst most people were horrified and sickened by the so called return of the Glitter, what shocks me is the amount of support the convicted paedophile received. Loyal supporters tweeted with enthusiasm and excitement for the shamed rock singers return. This truly baffles me and quite frankly I'm disgusted with the open encouragement given to the child molester. Supporters of the child sex offender makes me question moral and social etiquette in this country, who else will sad, messed up people jump at the chance to follow? Ian Huntley? Rose West? Has the horrific crime of child murder made these animals reach celeb status? Something to think about.

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