Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Warlord makes his Worldwide debut via social networking sites

If you didn't know his name, you will now.
Drum roll please...Enter Joseph Kony, head of the Lords Resistant Army or LRA. The Ugandan warlord has been long wanted by the International Criminal Court for multiple crimes against humanity including forcing thousands of innocent African children to serve as sex slaves and child soldiers. His use of child soldiers earned him world wide condemnation and since the creation of the LRA in 1986 he has ordered the massacre of more than 30,000 children and has "misplaced" nearly 2,000,000 people. Yet, Joseph Kony has managed to evade capture and his name is little-acknowledged outside of the African continent.

Warlord Joseph Kony
OnWednesday 7th March, the World woke up to the Kony 2012 campaign, an operation orchestrated by non-profit group Invisible Children. The goal? To make Kony Famous. But why would we want to make a multi-murderous, manipulative war criminal famous? The answer is, the movement doesn't intent to glorify the rebel leader, but rather, aims to highlight efforts to capture him by making him a house hold name. Now, we've all heard of Rihanna, we've all heard of Brad Pitt and it is fair to say that thousands of people across the globe hang on their every word. We live in a celebrity lifestyle, so why not do some good with it.

Part of the crusade includes a thirty minute film recounting the story of Jacob, a young Ugandan boy who vividly recalls watching LRA troops slit his brother's throat. The video is slickly produced, with music from Bloc Party, Flux Pavilion and Jay Z. It is clear that film maker Jason Russel knows his target audience and the video holds every attribute for it to go viral. And boy has it gone viral! Since the video was posted on 48 hours ago the short film has had over 9million views and has taken the title of "most talked about topic on Twitter" in the social networks history.
However, Russell and his supporters want more than a trending topic, they want the capture of the raping rebel leader. And with the momentum of followers backing the Invisible Children pressure group, I'll be surprised if success isn't on their way.
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Sunday, 22 January 2012

All that Glitters isn't Gold

Sex offender, Glitter. 
Gary Glitter seemingly joining Twitter this week created a stir of disgust among social network users.The profile promptly became a top trending subject in the UK and the imposter Glitter had over 18,000 followers by Friday,when the real author of the account came clean. However, the twitter account, @officialglitter, posted a link to a blog revealing that it had been set up as a social experiment, to "highlight the dangers of social network platforms." Footballer Joey Barton was one of those apparently deceived. He tweeted: "Gary Glitter on twitter? Is that true? Surely that's like giving an arsonist a box of matches and a can full of petrol? #WeirdoAlert" Whilst most people were horrified and sickened by the so called return of the Glitter, what shocks me is the amount of support the convicted paedophile received. Loyal supporters tweeted with enthusiasm and excitement for the shamed rock singers return. This truly baffles me and quite frankly I'm disgusted with the open encouragement given to the child molester. Supporters of the child sex offender makes me question moral and social etiquette in this country, who else will sad, messed up people jump at the chance to follow? Ian Huntley? Rose West? Has the horrific crime of child murder made these animals reach celeb status? Something to think about.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Prim and Proper...Review of Foundation Primers

left, Loreal studio secrets VS Laura Mercia primer
Every girl strives for flawless, unblemished skin, its an unwritten fact. But women across the World suffer with the same predicament; how to keep that just applied freshness all day long? Its simple really, invest in a primer and apply before using your daily foundation. Sounds pretty simple right? So why is it girls are still getting it Oh So Wrong. Pretty much every day I walk down the street, and see women with blotchy and unbalanced skin. Now I'm not saying my skin is perfect, but I've tried and tested an abundance of foundation primers and managed to cut it down to just two. Don't say I never do anything for you girls! The two finalists are (drum roll please); Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and High streets very own, Loreal's Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer.
First things first, tilting towards the high end of the primer spectrum, at a steep £28, is specifically created for oily and sensitive skin types. The primer is a lightweight creamy gel, which creates an invisible layer between your skin and your foundation. Personally this primer works well with my skin and compliments my skin type, the ointment holds a fruity scent and will leave you feeling fresh through out the day.
Loreal has yet again let us 'normal people' into a studio secret to give us a helping hand to smooth out the surface of our skin. And boy are we grateful! Inspired by professional make up, this primer masks wrinkles and uneven skin tone with just one light coating, leaving the complexion unbelievably smooth with a velvety touch. And at a mere £14.25 this little secret in a pot is hard to beat. Enjoy <3

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tyga Needs 'No Introduction'

Tyga (Rahhhhhh) 

It wasn't too long ago that Tyga (born Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson) was just another kid from the hood struggling to rise above the negativity that surrounded him. TYGA (an acronym for Thank You God Always) has come a hell of a long way since his debut album 'No Introduction.' The 22 year old first rose to fame in 2008 with "Coconut Juice" his single that featured cousin Travie McCoy. Now, just over three years on, it looks like Tyga is finally receiving the gratification he deserves. His records, "Im on it" and "Really Raw" are setting the standard for the forthcoming 'Careless World.' The tracks are hard proof that his time on the bench, waiting for his fellow crew members such as Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne to drop their albums, was well worth the wait. However, the "Rack City" rapper may have seen 'Better Days' as he was recently pulled over by the police for a routine traffic violation. During the stop, cops discovered that the 22 year old had an active warrant for his arrest that had stemmed from four other traffic incidents. 
But, never fear Tyga fans, the Young Money MC is back on the road promoting his upcoming album 'Careless World: Rise of the Last King'  which is due to be released on the 31st January. 

Welcome to Sneaker City.

Liberty London Nike Blazers £74.99
I think that it is fair to say, that over the past year I have grown an unhealthy obsession with sneakers. Highs, Lows, name it, I've got it. My latest addition to the collection are a pair of Nike Blazers finished with a girly kick. Liberty London have collaborated yet again with Nike Dunk high skinnies. Pictured here is the Liberty x Nike woman's hi Blazer,in a mutlicoloured floral upper with  fresh white laces and of course, the trademark Nike swoosh. Enjoy <3

Hey Big Spender...

So Christmas is well and truly over, and ahead of us looms a long and dull January, Right? ...Wrong! For students the most depressing day of the year, officially known as Blue Monday was not as Blue as expected. With loans from the student loans company flooding each and every University student's bank accounts, online stores experienced a sharp increase in sales on morbid Monday 16th. So, me being me I jumped well and truly on that bandwagon full of fellow shopaholics and waved goodbye to the funds supposedly lent to me for books and general living costs. I mean who really needs food when you have some of the beauts! Take a look at just a few of the the treats I bought...<3
Vans Era 59 £47.99
Boohoo Peter Pan neck, skater £25

Topshop Ballerina slipper £28
Miss Selfridge Biker Jacket £52

All I want for Christmas...Is a Hell of a lot Really!

IT IS nearly Christmas and it is freezing, but that doesn’t have to stop us from looking and feeling good. With the cold weather plummeting lower as the days go on; don’t let the same happen to your confidence. Instead go for gold this winter with a metallic party dress and shimmer your way through the party season.
We have braced the winter chill to bring you the most fabulous fashion trends for the up and coming party season.  Luckily for all men and women, gorgeous vintage granddad jumpers have hit our high streets and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. Now not only can we keep in with the trends this season but we can also keep warm and fight those winter blues.  If your purse is feeling the winter pinch and your bank balance has frozen over, not to worry, the beauty of this fashion trend is; the more ‘granddad- like’ the better. Now we are not saying go over to your grandparent’s house and raid their wardrobe but charity shops will suffice your needs brilliantly and will most likely only set you back a few bob. However, if money isn’t an issue this winter, and you are feeling as flash as the lights on your Christmas tree, check out Topshop’s very own range of knit wear.  A granddad jumper from this high street haven will cost you on average around 45 pounds. It may seem a lot, especially if you are a humble student where even a ‘Greggs ‘sausage roll forces you to empty your remaining pennies on the counter and feebly count them out, whilst muttering the words ‘sorry I’m just trying to use up all my change.’  Yeah right. A jumper like this will not only make you the envy of your style competitor, and let’s not lie we all have one, but it will also keep you warm and snug, even more brilliant if you don’t have someone to do that already for you this season.
If it’s the Christmas party that has you quaking in your UGGS this season then don’t fret, we have done the research, gone from shop to shop, prowled the internet and consequently made our Christmas lists even longer! From the dress, to the shoes, to the earrings you want to make sure you feel a million dollars at that Christmas party, without actually spending a cool million. Sparkles, embellishments, romantic ruffles and magnificent materials. Leather, crushed velvet, chiffons and silk, we are simply spellbound and spoilt for choice for this year’s all important Christmas party. Why not pump up your Christmas spirit with a LRD (little red dress.) Be a scarlet women and embrace this season’s hottest trend. Red is always an appropriate colour for a Christmas party dress, it not only brings Christmas spirit, it can also add confidence and sophistication to an outfit. If you don’t feel brave enough to take the plunge and dare to wear red, then why not go for red lips for instant glamour, or racy red heels to bring out your sexy side. Whether you just feel like trying something different or you’re trying to impress an office crush adding colour to an outfit will certainly add that festive glow. Take inspiration from Alexa Chung and Danni Minogue, you don’t have to fall into the short ‘n’ sexy party dress cliché. Focus on minimalism using simple statement pieces such as a mid-length skirt, a pussy bow shirt and a tailored blazer teamed with a mid heal. For those of you that are missing your bronzed bodies why not add gold dress jewellery to add a shimmery sheen back into your lives, go for something bold and dramatic. Do not be shy. No other outfit will scream ‘On Trend’ louder this party season.